Got a ticket in my hand 3

Departure 31st of March!Suddenly walking the Great Wall has gone from being a dream to a reality in a matter of weeks. I’m very excited, but at the same time it is going to be sad to leave those close to me for so long.Already looking forward to meeting my brother Jon after a stroll by the Gobi desert, and Trude half a year later.

To the right you can see the route I intend to follow. Have a good look at it, and press the + button on the map several times to see the terrain I will be walking in close up.

3 thoughts on “Got a ticket in my hand

  • Bryan

    Hi Robert,

    Your route looks very impressive.

    You may miss the people you are leaving behind, but you’re going to make a lot of new friends in China!


  • Bryan

    Are you flying to Beijing? How will you get to Jiayuguan? If you take a train, you will see quite a bit of the Wall and the terrain you will be walking. And you will get a good feel for the huge distances. Will you be going directly to Jiayuguan and starting the trek immediately, or do you have some other plans first?

  • Robert

    Hi Bryan,

    Yes – I hope to make new friends in China!

    I plan to stay in Beijing for some days before setting off on the walk. Will probably take plane to Jiayuguan. Ten years ago my brother and I took a 30+ hour train to Xining, and it was fun. But I will save it for some other time 🙂

    At Jiayuguan, I expect to stay at a nice hotell a few nights enjoying some luxury before setting off.

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