China Great Wall organization 3

On Friday, I went to visit the China Great Wall organization. I met Vice President Mr Dong Yaohui and Vice Secretary General Yan Jianmin. My Chinese friend Chen Shu had set up this meeting from Denmark. Thank you Shu!! Mr Dong and I had a good talk about the Ming […]

Equipment, and an important meeting 3

You can read about the equipment I am, and am not bringing here. This is the first of three pages on the subject. The others describe the high-tech-ness of this trip, and a list of everything in my rucksack. Yesterday I had an important meeting with a salesperson from China […]

Touchdown! 6

After a long haul from London Heathrow to Beijing, I am at last in China! My brother gave me the address of a nice hotel close to the Beijing University and I have slept a little, as I didn’t get any sleep at all on the flight over. This is […]

Takeoff tomorrow 8

A dream, that became a plan, is now about to become reality. Tomorrow afternoon, I take a flight to Beijing via London. The last days have been nothing less than crazy and I can feel that I’m pretty drained physically and mentally. Putting half a year of preparations into a […]

Got a ticket in my hand

Departure 31st of March!Suddenly walking the Great Wall has gone from being a dream to a reality in a matter of weeks. I’m very excited, but at the same time it is going to be sad to leave those close to me for so long.Already looking forward to meeting my […]

Travellers’ Club

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of holding a presentation for the Norwegian Travellers’ Club in Oslo. The Club was established in 1928 and has a rich history of travel and exploration. I held a presentation for the Club after I kayaked the length of Norway solo and this […]

A very busy week

  Before setting off on a seriously long walk, make sure as many parts of your body as possible work.   Unknown Last week I met each of the women partly pictured above. Can you see what they are up to? On Wednesday, I held a presentation about the preparations […]

The year of The Great Wall

At last, I don’t have say “next year” every time someone asks when I start walking the Great Wall. The past 10 days I have visited my host parents in Gloucester, MA. It’s been ten years since last time and I promised myself to do this trip before going to […]

Hello World!

After quite a bit of work, this homepage is finally up and running! There are still some gaps in the content here and there, but they will be filled as time gets closer to the start of the adventure of walking the Great Wall of China. A big thanks to […]