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I received a large box from Vertikal who are sponsoring sports equipment and have been testing their equipment. Lightweight is the keyword, and under that category, amongst others: tent, boots, sleeping mattress, fuel stove and kettle.As with the previous two long hauls, I wish to do the walk along the Great Wall as a fundraiser. Through helpful friends, I have been able to establish contact with a Cancer Institute in the US. The Jimmy Fund supports cancer research and care at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. More to come on this!My body seems to be in shape for this walk. I’m not incredibly strong now, or in incredibly good shape to be honest. But I can walk a fair distance with a 20 kg (40 lbs) rucksack without too many aches and pains. And do the same the day after.

On these long walks, I have always used the first few weeks to slowly ease my body into ‘Expedition mode’. As this walk is estimated to last for a whole year, I plan to use at least a month before aiming for 20 km (13 miles) on average a day. So be patient with me in the beginning, and I promise to come back strong   🙂

The same goes for when my brother Jon joins me on The Wall after the first month. We will then walk together for a couple of months which I’m looking forward to already.

. The next two weeks are going to be full of goodbyes. In fact I have started already. On Friday I said goodbye to a couple and their one month old child.It felt strange when I walked out the door, and we said: “See you again in a year!” to each other.A year is a long time, especially when it is ahead of you, and it is full of what some people would call uncertainty, but I call Adventure. I know, looking back, it will seem as most years – to have passed very quickly.

I’m excited to get going but at the same time prepared for some sort of a ‘culture shock’ when I get to Jiayuguan which is the starting point of The Wall. The people, nature, food, culture and language will be very different. But I will also find the remnants of the Great Wall that I have been dreaming about for the last 22 years. They will act as a familiar  friend   🙂

Soon I will be writing an ‘Equipment’ page that many of you have been asking for. So many things to get sorted this last week, so it’s time to get going!

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  • sib

    well, stephen, this is it. it looks like my $12 map of china won’t be going into our next yard sale. judy and i are so proud of what you’re doing, and tell everyone about it. if you get arrested, call and i’ll put on my lawyer’s suit and come over to spring you. maybe i can get you off with one of those electronic ankle bracelets to ensure that you don’t wander off.

    good luck, and we’ll be watching. lots of love and admiration, sib

  • Sue


    hopefully, you will understand what i wrote,.,
    only 4 days left… good luck, i will call you when i get home…

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