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In the last two weeks, a lot of things have come together.I have visited Lenovo and Nordialog and received sponsored equipment for the trip. Many thanks! Early next week I hope to receive a large shipment with sports gear from Vertikal that I can start testing. I am particularly excited about the tent that will be my mobile residence for at least eight months of the walk.My cold has gone which is good, so now I can keep on training properly and take long walks outdoors.

Also, with the help of friendly and knowledgable people at the Great Wall Forum, the planned route is getting nearer to completion and will be displayed here shortly.

Finally – I am VERY EXCITED about being able to do this walk as a fundraiser for a large Cancer Institute in the United States. More details coming soon.

. With only a few weeks left before leaving, things are getting critical. It will be even more important to excercise for the walk. If my body can’t take the daily punishment along The Wall, then the walk won’t last for long.Within two weeks, you should see some fairly big changes on this site as it is set in “Expedition Mode”.The next two weeks will be spent familiarising myself with the Lenovo X200 laptop, HTC S740 mobile phone and the sports equipment. I’ll probably spend some nights outdoors, to use the equipment in real life and to see that everything is working as expected.

There are so many people to thank for getting this project together, that I am writing a separate post with that in mind.

Oh yes – and then I have to order the tickets to get to China! I’m still hoping to leave right at the end of March, but it may be the beginning of April.

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