Status every two weeks

Status 2 weeks left 3

      I received a large box from Vertikal who are sponsoring sports equipment and have been testing their equipment. Lightweight is the keyword, and under that category, amongst others: tent, boots, sleeping mattress, fuel stove and kettle.As with the previous two long hauls, I wish to do the […]

Status 4 weeks left

      In the last two weeks, a lot of things have come together.I have visited Lenovo and Nordialog and received sponsored equipment for the trip. Many thanks! Early next week I hope to receive a large shipment with sports gear from Vertikal that I can start testing. I […]

Status 6 weeks left

  This is the first post of a series of status reports with two week intervals.   The last two weeks have been hectic, but not as hectic as I had hoped due to a nasty cold.I have been working on the selection and purchase of equipment. My brother and […]