Status 6 weeks left 3

  This is the first post of a series of status reports with two week intervals.
The last two weeks have been hectic, but not as hectic as I had hoped due to a nasty cold.I have been working on the selection and purchase of equipment. My brother and I have been working hard on the website preparing it for “Expedition Mode”.The two major new features will be a Google map with daily updates of starting position, and a picture gallery.

Because of my cold, I have not been able to train as much as expected, but start up again today.

I have received a lot of help from many people the past weeks. Thank you all! Will write more about this in a post soon.

. Within the next two weeks I expect to have completed the major tasks on the website, and also received and tested 90% of the equipment for the expedition.The training will become more frequent and arduous the following weeks.The Great Wall is a 6.000 km / 4.000 mile long structure. Many places, there are hardly any remains left and therefore it is a difficult task to find the best route along it. I have received invaluable help on this too.

I will also have to get acquainted with Chinese phrases such as: “Where is the closest village?” and “Is this water safe to drink?”

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  • Sue

    FYI, the water in the Chinese villages is always not safe to drink, especially for people are not use to drink that water. find the closest kiosk, buy the table-water. the common brands are ” Nong fu shan quan”,= ????, “Wa ha ha” = ????and ” Tong yi” = ??.

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