Monthly Archives: May 2010

Bad cough and a fever

Ouch… I wanted at most one rest day before heading on westwards along the Great Wall. I have looked at the map, and the next section that should take about 8 days, looks tough. When I woke this morning however, I had a temperature, very runny nose, high temperature and […]

Beautiful terrain

17th of May Today was fantastic. The Great Wall was mostly a large pile of rocks that had fallen down from it’s original wedge like structure. As I got closer to Zhangjiakou, the wall was more preserved. The last stretch was fantastic with a bird’s eye view of Zhangjiakou from […]

Perfect afternoon

From Sunday the 16th of May I started walking at about 3.30 PM today. It had rained earlier, and although it was humid and the sky was thick gray all the time, not a drop of rain fell. It was pretty windy, making for a perfect temperature, especially when walking […]

Happy Norway day 3

Happy 17th of May National day!!! Hope you have a good celebration tomorrow! I am heading back to The Wall now. PROBLEM – After I entered Hebei Province, I am unable to download mail on my mobile phone. It hangs, and stopping the process doesn’t stop the data transfer. As […]

Returning to the Great Wall 6

Trude has just left Hong Kong, and I return to China mainland in an hour. We have had a great time together here and it is fantastic to think that next time we see each other, I will hopefully have fulfilled a 22 year old dream, and Trude and I […]

RidgeRest sleeping mattress – Therm-a-rest 1

This sleeping mattress is a classic for hikers. It is lightweight (400 grams for regular size) with a smart ridged design that captures air in it’s deep ridges without adding to the weight. This is a no-nonsense sleeping mattress that has served me very well through the whole summer of […]

Headlamp – Petzl

This little baby has been with me the entire trip. I store it in my hip-pack so it is always ready for use. It is waterproof, very small, and weighs only 27 grams. As I never plan to walk after dark, it is mostly used for trips to the ‘toilet’ […]

Happy birthday Trude!! 5

Two big pieces of news: 1) It is Trude’s birthday today – congratulations! 2) She is coming to Hong Kong and we are going to spend a holiday there together. I will be applying for a new visa at the same time. Can’t wait!!

Sunny and warm day at last! 1

Yesterday I pitched my tent just above a village where I was sure they would have a small shop so that I could stock up on fluids. On arrival, there were eight middle-aged and older women sitting in the main street. They were chatting and obviously happy for the nice […]