Headlamp – Petzl

This little baby has been with me the entire trip. I store it in my hip-pack so it is always ready for use. It is waterproof, very small, and weighs only 27 grams.

As I never plan to walk after dark, it is mostly used for trips to the ‘toilet’ or for securing the tent if it unexpectedly starts blowing hard during the night.

The headlamp has many settings, but basically you can choose between three bright white lights and one smaller and less bright red light.

The batteries last for only 18 hours using the three bright lights. With the smaller red light however, it seems to last forever! The small red light is sufficient inside the tent. I changed the batteries for the first time after about ten months use.

In the evenings I wear the light on my head. It easily adjusts to any position. Before sleeping I slip it around my neck. It is so light and small that sometimes I forget to put it back in the hip-satchel in the morning.

This is a great lightweight headlamp that does it’s job well. Highly recommended.

Warning – remember to turn on the white lights when you are studying maps in the tent after dark. Otherwise all the red roads magically disappear!