Happy birthday Trude!! 5

Two big pieces of news:

1) It is Trude’s birthday today – congratulations!

2) She is coming to Hong Kong and we are going to spend a holiday there together. I will be applying for a new visa at the same time. Can’t wait!!

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday Trude!!

  • Gina and Gerry

    Belated “Happy birthday” wishes for yesterday to Trude:0). Have a wonderful time in Hong Kong.
    Glad to hear that the weather is at last improving, winter has certainly hung on this year. Take carex

  • Kato Vik

    Happy joining!!! and birthday. If some small stuff to tell from Hong Kong that also would be interesting:) As we plan to go there one day from our resort i China. Have read some from net, but nothing is like personal experience. Have a nice stay!!

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