Happy Norway day 3

Happy 17th of May National day!!! Hope you have a good celebration tomorrow!

I am heading back to The Wall now.

PROBLEM – After I entered Hebei Province, I am unable to download mail on my mobile phone. It hangs, and stopping the process doesn’t stop the data transfer. As a result, my Norwegian mobile operator has shut down the GPRS function and therefore I will not be able to update this website until they turn it back on! Have written a lengthy complaint to the mobile operator. I expect GPRS will be turned on early next week. Until then, I will write a report every evening as usual, but will only be able to update the website when I have internet connection.

There will however be a new picture each day, and you should see movement on the Great Wall Route page.

After speaking to an expert in China Mobile, I finally got the reason for why I cannot use GPRS on my Norwegian htc phone with a Chinese sim card. I need the “H-service” to be able to use GPRS here, and this service seems to be available only in Beijing.

I have spent two days in Zhangjiakou to go through the summer equipment, make pictures, wash lots of clothes, get familiar with the new Dakota 20 GPS and try to find the leak in the Neo-Air sleeping mattress. All went well except for the sleeping mattress. I tried twice to find the leak in a bath tub, but had no success. I blew it up as hard as I could and folded it, and then dipped bit after bit into the bath tub, but no bubbles. Will try again next time I have the opportunity, because there is definitely a leak. I have read that others have had similar problems finding punctures.

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