Heaviest snow fall on record 3

Andreas went to Yinchuan yesterday to examine several Great Walls there. It was pretty cold today he said. And it is cold here too. I left Yulin for Datong today. Datong is where I have stored a very warm sleeping bag, extra sleeping mattress and warm down coat. I spent a couple of hours on a bus, and then about six hours on the train. Have just booked tickets to get to Hong Kong to get a new visa. The plane leaves tomorrow morning.

It is going to be minus 19 degrees C tonight (-2 F) which is about the limit of what the warm sleeping bag, the tent and I can handle. Tomorrow evening, I will experience about plus 20 degrees C (+68 F)   Sounds perfect!

As Sue mentioned in comments, there has been extreme weather in Northern China recently, and unfortunately quite a few deaths as a result. About half of them due to traffic accidents. The province Andreas and I walked in – Shaanxi – was also hit, so it was probably wise to stop walking when we did.  The snow fall is the heaviest since keeping records began in 1949.

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3 thoughts on “Heaviest snow fall on record

  • He

    You took so many pictures of northen China ! I have never thought there were so beautiful in Ningxia and Shanxi though i’m Chinese.
    My hometown is Guilin. If you wanna take a trip to Guilin i’d very glad to offer helps and it’s abasolutely for free.Just for friendship.

  • Trude

    Jeg håper ull undertøyet er på plass! Kan anbefale leggvarmere, men vet ikke om det er på moten der borte..?:-) God tur til Hong Kong.

  • Robert

    He – Happy to hear that you like the looks of Ningxia and Shaanxi! Many thanks for the offer of visiting you in Guilin. Unfortunately it will not be on the route this time.
    Trude – Hehe – de går med mye rart her borte for å holde seg varme 🙂 Har bl.a. sett veggvarmere av lær med innerfor av pels som motorsyklistene bruker.

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