Disappointed… 4

Have been to the visa office in Hong Kong now.

They could ‘only’ offer me a one month visa with the possibility to extend it twice by a total of two months. I was hoping for a lot more.

Now there is a small, but vital, administrative task I must do about every three weeks, and if I get a rejection to the extension application I suddenly have to rush off to Hong Kong.

4 thoughts on “Disappointed…

  • Jean Loken

    Oh! Dear, this was rather upsetting Robert but hope that, somehow, everything gets sorted out so you can continue with your plan. Love Mamma

  • Tom

    That’s the standard deal for tourist visas in China… I’ve not heard of any difficulty with the two extensions, that should be fine. I’ve always gotten the extensions. You can get longer visas, but you generally need to get someone (say, someone who runs an English language school) to help you. Of course, they might want you to teach some English! Another possibility is that I’ve heard there are agencies in Shanghai that can work miracles.

    Enjoy your walk…

  • Kim

    If you are willing to pay a few thousand USD (as far as I remember) it will be no problem to get a visa for one year by paying some agency in Shanghai or Beijing. Try to google it.

  • Robert

    Jean – Hopefully I can stay in China for three months before having to leave the country.
    Tom – Thanks for the information Tom. I will have to think things through before the next application.
    Kim – Thanks Kim – I’ll look in to this in about a months time to see what the possibilities are. Looking forward to coming closer to your part of the country!!

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