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As I hoped, there was a small shop just by my campsite yesterday. It would prove difficult though, to buy the water. I got to the shop. walked in and looked around. It mostly sold hardware for farmers, but I saw both bottled water and Ice Tea. I asked for six bottles of water.  The woman behind the counter just shook her head and pointed to the door, wanting me to leave the shop. Then she called someone on her phone and walked to the door to close and lock the shop. Not exactly what I had planned.

So I stood my ground and after a while a man came and helped me with water and Ice Tea. Strange thing though is that he only repeated what I was saying. I’ve experienced this sometimes that the person I’m speaking to just freezes up and almost ‘decides’ not to understand what I’m saying. Anyway, we were friends after I had bought water and Ice Tea. After drinking and talking to a couple of chaps I walked on with lots of water.

I have passed some incredibly beautiful places today!! The farmers are harvesting corn now and here and there I have seen big towers of bright yellow corn. I have also seen large storage rooms dug straight in the ground filled with potatoes. One place I saw a smaller cave dug out to house apples.

It has been pretty easy to see the route of the Great Wall lately. Today however the trail went cold after I crossed a wide river bed. I asked several locals and was pointed in two different directions. I sent a text message to Andreas who knows a lot about the Great Wall and he suggested following the side of the river bed. I did and found The Wall again.

It has not been easy to follow though. Because it clings to the main river bed, many smaller river beds cut through it meaning a lot of climbing up and down to follow it.

Dinner in the tent this evening: Three freshly boiled eggs (saving the fourth one for tomorrow morning) half a litre of oatmeal with lots of brown sugar, and Ice Tea and a Snickers Bar 🙂

19 kilometres today

One thought on “High on water

  • John Mosvold

    Heisan Robert.
    Motene i Beijing gar som planlagt og de realistiske mulighetene virker bare storre og storre. Behovet for vare produkter er klart tilstede og vi setter opp en testfasilitet i Beijing na. Varer kommer fra SL na.
    Dine bilder er blitt veldig viktige og nyttige for meg. Bruker web siden med bilder og Google Earth kartet med gps-loypen din.
    Flott hvis du kan fokusere pa motiver som viser erosjon, orkenspredning, jernbane og vei som dekkes av sand, feilslatte plantefelt og normal vegetasjon forovrig.
    Blir her til 16. Ring meg “hvis du far tid”.
    Fortsatt god tur.

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