Low on water 1

Because I ‘only’ have jogging shoes, I didn’t want to start walking until the wet grass had dried up a bit. At about midday, I got up and made an oatmeal lunch with lots of brown sugar. Then I packed the tent and set off. Just before I started walking the rain came again. Luckily not for long. The whole day has been humid and cool.

Because of an extra day in the tent, I ran low on water. When I took a detour to get around a dam, I met four guys looking at another poor guy setting out fishing nets in the dam. They kindly donated two litres of water!!, so I’m having a drinking feast in the tent now. The guy laying out the nets used a rubber wheel from a tractor as his boat! The wheel was just wide enough to go under him when he had his legs crossed. I was pretty impressed by his balance and courage, because the water is very cold.

I am once again camped on a top right by a beacon tower. Before going into the tent, I had a peep into the valley to the east and saw a village that just might be big enough to have a small shop. I hope it does… Once I got into the tent I was very cold and spent about an hour in the sleeping bag feeling how the different parts of my body warmed up. Torso and head, then my legs, then the ice block hands and finally my feet.

12 kilometres today which I am happy with considering the hills and also that I started walking at 1 p.m.

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