Up and down, up and down 1

Got off to a good start at 8 this morning. The scenery was truly beautiful with hills in every direction I looked. Most of them were green and a lot of them had farmers who were harvesting. Just right for some good pictures.

The other consequence of all these hills was that I was walking either up or down them! The terrain has changed and now I understand why there are no large roads here. It is very hilly.

The larger hills consist of two parts. The upper part is the hill itself and the lower is where the water erosion has washed away the terrain. The two parts are sometimes of equal height.

After going down the deepest valley and up the other side, I was completely fatigued. Had eaten too little. I took out the stove and cooked oatmeal with lots of brown sugar using the last of my water. That helped and I went on, hoping to see some sort of shop. I found a shop and bought more water there.

I am on another top now and hope there will be no thunder tonight. There was no other place to put the tent than right by the highest point. After putting up the tent, I made another portion of oatmeal that I plan to eat now. Have not been this exhausted for a very very long time.

I have been disappointed at my progress today. 22 km in this terrain is ok, but in a straight line I have only moved 14 km because of the hills… Thats one in three steps ‘wasted’. So far it has been half that or less.

22 kilometres today

24 Yesterday – forgot to write it

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  • Mamma

    Each one of those ‘wasted’ steps is bringing you nearer your goal and nearer to Trude. Also nearer that Fantomblad (comic) I’m sending !! With you every step of the way. Lots of love, Mamma

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