Cold hands 1

I started walking after noon today. There are a lot of fields along the Great Wall. This has made following the Great Wall difficult at times since I have to make constant detours as walking through the crops of farmers is not so popular. Luckily more and more fields are being harvested, so this problem has soon gone.

It was dark by the time I set up the tent. A little earlier, I walked by a Chinese lady working alone in a field. I raised my hand and said hello, but it seemed she thought I was about to attack her, so she screamed and walked backwards away from me. I was at least thirty metres away from her and was not even heading her way, but following the Great Wall.

When I had passed her and I figured I would soon be out of her sight, I turned around and waved as a friendly gesture, indicating I was a ‘good guy’. She looked angrily at me and waved back with her scythe.  I guess it was a while since last she had seen a foreigner.

It is getting colder at night now. I am wearing the ‘desert shirt’ on my upper body, and it is too cold now. My hands will take time to warm up too after writing this.  So – these texts will get shorter and shorter the colder it becomes … 🙂 I like the cold though – much easier to get a good nights sleep, and fewer bugs and such.

Walking the Great Wall was easy today as it has been more or less continuous. I have risen a couple of hundred metres today to about 1.700 metres. Only thought to check on my GPS when both my ears popped.

Can hear a dog barking in the distance, but apart from that, it is quiet.

One thought on “Cold hands

  • Gina and Gerry

    Hi Ste
    The temperature must be dropping as I think that this is the first photograph where you are wearing your coat! What time does it go dark now? It is dark here about 7.45pm and it feels much cooler.Would you believe that there is a Norwegian song “Fairytale” I think it’s called by Alexander Lubeck (apologies if I have the wrong spelling) playing on the radio. How’s that for coincidence! Certainly an Allison moment!!!!!!!

    You must have given that lady quite a scare. I don’t suppose many foreigners come her way, if any. You take care. You may be on your own physically but there are SO MANY,MANY people with you in spirit :0)

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