Food versus drink

So far on this walk, I have been most concerned about having enough water with me. Now though I long for food, other than oatmeal, and lots of it!

Today I got to a village called Chang Cheng. That’s the same as The Great Wall in Chinese. I asked for a xi hong shi dish – my favourite with eggs, tomatoes and other goodies. The one I was served today had, in addition, lots of large noodles in it. The portion was gigantic, and I ate it all save the last three mouthfuls. Then I asked the chief to make another one for ‘the road’. So I have the smell of delicious food in my tent now, and will eat some before sleeping.

While he made the second meal, I slipped by the neighbouring barbers shop. They removed my longish beard there. I don’t want to scare my girlfriend when she comes, in less than a week…

The terrain has been great today! I am looking forward to posting some pictures on the website. It was hilly, and if I wasn’t climbing up a steep hill, I was going down the other side. It is first now, the last few kilometres, that the valleys between the hills have had the good sense of not being quite so steep so now there is some semi flat terrain in between.

I want to write about an eleven year old girl who charmed me to bits, but am too tired now. Time to eat, drink and sleep…

16 kilometres today