Daily Archives: May 29, 2010

Full day on the Great Wall

Thanks John for the weather forecast for today, and sister Tone for tomorrow. John – you were right. Mostly cloudy today, and mostly dark tonight. Great landscape to walk in today. I passed a lot of cows along The Wall. On the enemy side of The Wall, there was an […]

26.5 and 27.5 – Stuck in the tent

Started walking about nine o’clock. I had five and a half litres of Ice Tea, 8 eggs and some buns in addition to peanuts and some biscuits from Zhangjiakou. I started at an empty water reservoir. They were repairing the dam which I walked over to get to the starting […]

Have mobile phone coverage again

Sorry for not writing for a few days. I was pinned down by an almighty thunderstorm for two days, and didn’t have coverage yesterday. Have come to a fantastic small village with lots of funny people and eaten a large dinner. Going to wash clothes now, and then write some […]