Full day on the Great Wall

Thanks John for the weather forecast for today, and sister Tone for tomorrow. John – you were right. Mostly cloudy today, and mostly dark tonight.

Great landscape to walk in today. I passed a lot of cows along The Wall. On the enemy side of The Wall, there was an old cartway. There were fairly young scrubs and bushes there now, so perhaps it was last used 8-10 years ago. The cows still used it though, so sometimes I followed it, and sometimes walked on the Great Wall right next to it.

I passed a lot of large birch trees. The trees were not that high, but the trunks were thick. Lots of big smiley fluffy clouds today. I got to a road at about three o’clock and had decided to get to the closest village with a small guesthouse. I only had a little Ice tea left after all the bad weather.

After a few kilometres walk, and a hitched ride I got to this fantastic village. Only 500 people living here. They have been so cheerful and nice to me. I have eaten a large meal, drunk plenty, taken pictures of some kids, dried the sleeping bag, washed clothes and myself.

Time to listen to a little Julius Caesar and then sleep. If the weather stays good, I should get off these mountains in a couple of days time.

15 kilometres today