Yet another warm Kang 2

I am sitting on a warm Kang now. Can’t get over how comfortable they are. I almost feel like a cat sitting in the sun. I am at a very small guesthouse waiting for a meal that they are preparing.

It was windy today. I had no water left, so had to ask a couple times for water from locals along the Great Wall. The goal for the day was to get to a road and try to find a guesthouse and a place to eat. The meal has just been served now, so you know I got there as planned.

What has not gone to plan however is that THIS was the night that was supposed to be -20c cold. Just checked the forecast and now it says -20c tomorrow. Bummer. So I’m going to feast on a very large meal now and drink some of the 4.5 litres of apple juice I bought in the shop along the road. I’ll decide later what to do tomorrow.

The Kang (Chinese style bed where the fumes from a stove are channeled under the bed before going up the chimney) is right next to a large window. The view is nice now that the sun is setting. Soft hills and a beacon tower on the horizon. A lot of fields and some trees in the distance.

14 kilometres today
The point on the map will show the place I am spending the night and not exactly how far I have come along the Great Wall. Didn’t have time to send the point before hitching a ride on a large trailer.

2 thoughts on “Yet another warm Kang

  • Brother Jon

    Brrrr -20 C!

    Well well… The summer was unusually warm, and the winter unusually cold (beating the records for many years).
    Fortunately the forecasted low temperature is going from -20C, “up” to -15C and then up to -10C over the next 2 weeks, it’s going the right way. Still cold enough mind you.
    Be aware that in 2 weeks time, the forecasted temperature plummets to -20 to -25C.

    I bet the ice-tea tasted great these days….

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