Great wall with winds from Inner Mongolia

Today was a beautiful day. The wind was pretty strong, and since it was cold all day, and partly cloudy it was cold. Some places there was a path along the Great Wall. The landscape continues to be coorporative. Nice rolling hills allowing for some fine Great Wall pictures. Yes Sue – I have taken some good pictures lately – the only thing stopping me is that the camera is very cold and has a metal body. Brrrrr…

There are valleys at regular intervals, and since I am walking northwards, descending in to these valleys is extra challenging. I fell once today due to hidden ice under some earth. Luckily it happened at the right place. A few times, I have decided to take the longer route around these trouble spots when it has looked too risky.

It was a shame to have to stop walking the Great Wall at around five o’clock. I could have gone on for longer, but the sun was close to the horizon, and without the sun, this place very soon becomes very cold.

23 kilometres today