Beautiful stretch – Wednesday

On Wednesday I set out for another stretch and decided to walk with the walking sticks I had brought with me. As I have promised myself to take it easy in the beginning, I did 12 km in two hours.

The landscape was flat and I could only see remnants of The Wall most places, but it was clearly defined as there were no fields in the vicinity. The wind was fairly strong, but that was fine. After a while I started to feel a lot of friction on my heels. It turned out that the thin woollen socks I have brought are a bit too thin. They had been damaged on both heels, resulting in two nice blisters.

After 12 km I called it a day and my faithful taxi driver got me back to the place where I’m staying now. I want to walk further and harder etc, but I also know that these first weeks are pretty important to the overall outcome of this project. Therefore I am going to take it niiiiiice and easy in the beginning     🙂

When I was kayaking along the Norwegian Coast, I was a little less than a month behind schedule after the first six weeks. People were starting to write in the guestbook pointing that out to me. After the first weeks however I was stronger, and had managed to avoid injuries. This put me in a position to start kayaking a lot faster, making up for the lost time. I am planning for the same here, so thanks everyone for being patient with me!!

Another factor is that my big brother is meeting me on Monday. He knows Chinese very well and that is going to be a big help in the beginning. I just spoke to him on the phone – he is in Beijing visiting friends now.