Blister day – Thursday 4

Those two blisters I got yesterday, were giving me a clear message, so I decided to let my feet heal a bit.

I also started getting pictures ready for the picture gallery. The first few days I have concentrated mostly on the walking and as I have to ‘fill’ the picture gallery with quite a lot of pictures before it can be activated, that is going to take a little bit of time.

Finally  – I made a decision. Rather than pushing on the next few days, I have decided to wait till Monday when my brother comes to Jiayuguan. I’m simply going to enjoy life here in Jiayuguan    🙂

4 thoughts on “Blister day – Thursday

  • Bryan

    I think your approach of starting out slowly is a good plan. No sense in mistreating your feet. You will be needing them! And Jiayuguan is a fine place to spend some time!

  • Karl-Otto Larsen

    Hei gutter,

    Hvordan går det? Flott at dere er i gang. Det er et imponerende prosjekt! Hvordan går det med blemmene på foten?
    Lykke til, tenker på dere!
    Beste hilsener fra Karl-Otto

  • RAD

    Blisters r great 2 have if you run out of water.

    My whole family is thinking and talking about you, and Benjamin and Sebastian (also) find it fantastic and inspiiring what u r doing.

    Take care


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