Zigzagging through fields – Tuesday

On Tuesday the route of The Wall went into a more urban landscape with fields and houses. I tried to follow the path of The Wall, but when I got to a group of houses, it disappeared on the other side. Therefore I started walking in the same general direction looking for The Wall again.

It was quite fun because the area I was walking through was cultivated and therefore I had to follow the small paths between the fields which did not always line up with the direction I wanted to walk. After walking for a while and keeping my eyes open, I saw the Great Wall on the other side of the township. The Wall was partly covered in sand and soil, but there was no doubt that it was The Wall.

So I continued along it for about 10 km. At the end of the day I had two small blisters in the ‘classical’ place for my part –¬†on the smallest toe on the inside. My toes are fat and line up partly underneath each other. So I have taped them up now… (I never thought I would be writing about my toes in a blog…)