Back walking

Thursday 21. of October

I took the high speed train back to Huludao. It is a joy to use such an efficient means of transport. The contrast was huge when I sat on a bus to get to Huludao city center afterwards. The first 20 minutes went very slowly, between 20 and 30 kilometres an hour, looking for more passengers. A common practice among the privately owned buses here.

The walking was good and I was happy to cover 21 km by the time it got dark as I only started walking at about one o’clock. It definitely seems that many of the rivers are not dried up in this area. The path I was following today crossed a fairly small river, but there was plenty of water in it, even though it has not been raining much lately. In most of the provinces so far, rivers with a much larger river bed would only have had a little trickle of water in them.

21 kilometers today