Pushing the envelope 2

Friday 22. of October

I started walking early today wanting to get as far as possible. It starts getting dark about five o’clock and it is getting to the point where every hours counts. My visa runs out in the beginning of December, and I have decided to try to complete the walk by then. This is a pretty ambitious plan, and just a few days of illness or other problems may jeapordize it. Therefore I will try to push the envelope extra hard the next couple of weeks perhaps to get a little buffer of precious time.

I passed another section of suspected Great Wall today and documented it on the GPS and with photographs. It is exciting to see places where people haven’t recognised remnants of the Great Wall, perhaps for generations !!

As much as possible I tried to follow dirt roads along the ancient route of the Great Wall in the area.

Because of the very long distance today, I got quite a bad chafing between my legs. The trousers I’m using are the heavy duty type, and this results in friction.

At a small village, I decided to ask for bandages and talcum powder. Unluckily for me the local school finished just as I passed it, and I was accompanied by thirty curious youngsters as I opened the door to the local Pharmacy.

A good example that there is little understanding of the word Privacy in China. I was tempted to tell them that a major incident was happening to my unspoken parts, and if nothing was done they would soon fall off. All as a social experiment to see if my spectators would come to the conclusion that I needed some privacy. I refrained though, and was able to buy bandages. Thanks to Sherry for translating the word talcum powder for me. I don’t carry a dictionary now – to save weight. Unfortunately, they didn’t have one.

45 kilometers today

2 thoughts on “Pushing the envelope

  • Bryan

    Dandong by early December sounds very ambitious. Don’t push too hard, load up on that powder, and try to enjoy the Liaoning rather than letting it fly by!

  • Kim

    Happy to hear that you found more wall in Liaoning and thank you very much for the text message this morning 🙂

    No doubt that this is the part of your hike that I have looked forward to follow the most!

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