High humidity

No internet connection yesterday. This is written the 7th of June

The humidity has been pretty high today. Luckily it has not been very warm and there has been a nice wind blowing.

The day started along a road that followed the Great Wall. After a couple of hours, The Wall went straight up a ridge. It had high cliffs on both sides. At the top, I found myself battling through thick shrubs that were as high as myself. Beside The Wall, there was a sheep path. It was difficult to follow as the shrubs blocked my view. The sheep only need a 50 cm clearing to get through, while I had to contend with all the branches above. After a while I found the best way to follow the path was to feel my way with the walking sticks slong the ground.

For the first time, my left walking stick buckled under pressure. (It became about 5-10 cm shorter) I rely heavily on the sticks, so this wasn’t good news. There is a screw on the locking mechanism that I can tighten slightly. I hope that will help.

I got to a village about half past two, had a good meal and then visited an internet cafe.

The evening stretch was also in the mountains. Again there have been thick shrubs. I also started coughing a lot – particularly if I tried to pull a lot of air into my lungs. Have never had a problem with allergies, but my exposure to pollen has probably been pretty high today. Hope it goes away.

I don’t have a lot of drinking liquid left as the stretch in the mountains has taken longer than expected.

23 kilometres today