Long ride in three busses and a short walk

I found out this morning that there is no bus from Huairou to the place I left the Great Wall. Too many mountains in between. Instead I had to take three busses and a taxi to get here which took a fairly long time.

On the last bus I talked with a 20 year old girl who sat beside me. She had a Canadian English teacher once. We talked English and Chinese in every second sentence. She wanted to know my age, and I asked her to guess. She guessed 22. That made my day! To her defence, I am the second wayguoren she has ever spoken to.

To practice English, I asked her questions. Instead of the broing ‘What is your name’ and ‘Where do you come from’ I asked: Which qualities would you like to see in your future husband?

“He must be sunny” she answered. What a good answer 🙂

I got off the bus and walked the short distance back to the Great Wall. Had a bite to eat, and then walked eastwards until it was almost dark. The Wall runs parallel to a road tomorrow, and then does a couple of turns into the mountains.

6 kilometres today