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I have been in Beijing and spent half a day at the Norwegian Embassy there. Thank you very much to the staff who went a long way in helping me both with advice and practical matters regarding my visa and insurance. I also met quite a few Norwegians that live in Beijing who happened to be at the Embassy at the same time. In fact I have not met that many Norwegians since I left Norway a year ago.

Thanks also to Kelly and Pingping for a good Beijing time together!!

After having spent more than a year in China I am no longer a member of the Norwegian medical health care scheme. I’ve been in Beijing and spent some days buying a new insurance.

I’m back in Zhangjiakou now. It has been a very grey and wet day with some thunder. The forecast for tomorrow is terrible with up to an inch of wet snow. Not the best conditions to continue steep walking in the mountains. I will have to wait until the day after.

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