Finished with Shanxi! 5

This feels like a big day. I finally got to Hebei! Now that the winter has loosened its grip, walking the Great Wall has become easier. Am tired now, and will write more tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Finished with Shanxi!

  • chinoook

    I offer my sincere condolences. The best and most interesting parts of the Great Wall are now behind you.

  • Bryan

    I must admit that I said that partly in order to get a rise out of chinoook … and it worked! Heh heh. The truth is, all of the Great Wall is great, the west isn’t better or worse than the east, just vastly different. Different but equal. The east, though, is somewhat more equal… 😈

  • Robert

    Hi Kim, chinoook and Bryan!

    Thanks for the comments – you are probably amongst the best qualified to quarrel about which parts of the Great Wall are the best, and more importantly most equal 🙂

    The west has been great, and also a challenge. As will the east be.

    I feel ready a change of scenery…

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