Happy Chinese New Year!!! 4

The fireworks have been going off since I arrived in Beijing 5-6 hours ago. They are getting more and more intense. This is a big contrast to the 31st of December in the small village called Mazhen just west of the Yellow River. That evening I didn’t hear a single firecracker go off.

A special thanks to the Chinese readers. Thank you very much for following my journey along the Great Wall! It means a lot for me to be able to share this adventure.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

My mother and sister arrive tomorrow and we will spend about ten days together here in Beijing. It will be good to be together with my family again.

4 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  • Christian Mogensen

    Here in Oslo the Chinese New Year is freezing cold, with no fireworks, but the sun is shining, the dumplings are cooking, and the special red tiger new years socks are washed and ready. We’re off to see friends today, and tomorrow Ras+Becky are coming for dinner.

  • Hanne P.

    Happy new year ! I follow your special journey and enjoy the very interesting photo. Thank you for sharing. I thing you are making some really wonderful photos.
    Have a nice time in Beijing. I really love that city.

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