Painful right leg 2

When I started walking today I noticed both the blister from yesterday and a painful muscle on the front of my right lower leg. Yesterday I reminded myself to take an anti inflammatory tablet, but had such a good time with my new 75 year old friend that I forgot. I think both the blister and pain were caused because I tied my right shoe a little too hard for the 23 kilometres trek  yesterday.

I went on walking the Great Wall today but then lost track of it. I followed a valley and can only describe the condition I went into as ‘Great Wall Blindness’. Close to the end of the valley I thought I had the scent of the Great Wall, but then lost track. Then – right at the end of the valley, walking around a bend – I saw 4-5 watchtowers in a row a little to the North.

When I got to a largish road, I decided enough was enough and am heading back to Datong tomorrow. I just noticed my face is darker than usual. It has a layer of coal dust on it. Makes me look like a tough guy    🙂

15 kilometres today

2 thoughts on “Painful right leg

  • Anne-Line

    Hey Robert!

    You’re still walking – I’m still very impressed! Keep up the good work and let us know if you pass by Beijing. You are welcome to celebrate Christmas at our house if you’re in the neighborhood.
    Anne-Line and Otto

  • Robert

    How nice Anne-Line! I’ve had a bit of contact with Hilde S. It would have been great to celebrate with you, and many thanks for the invitation. Unfortunately, I will have to continue walking, so chances are that I’ll be spending this Christmas in a very small tent, or other cold place. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!


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