Ehhh – when did the train leave? 2

Got up early today to head off to Shaanxi and continue walking the Great Wall. I like to travel by train. Although it is slower than a bus, it is more comfortable. Yesterday I confirmed that the train left 7.15 am. At 7 o’clock I was at the ticket counter and said the name of my destination: Shenmu Bei. The woman looked a little awkward and informed me that the train had already left. I didn’t understand and asked – When did the train leave?

She could speak a little English, and told me the train had already left. I showed her my mobile phone showing 7.05 am, and probably looked like a big question mark. There was nothing more I could do, so I ordered a ticket for tomorrow. When inspecting the ticket it read 7.15 am as expected. I asked the lady at the counter when the train left tomorrow, but got no answer. So I will get to the station half an hour early tomorrow to make sure the train doesn’t leave without me.

My only consolation today was that there must have been many Chinese people that got the same shock as I did. I have seen quite a few things in China, but never experienced a train leaving fifteen minutes before schedule. In fact – they normally leave exactly on schedule.

2 thoughts on “Ehhh – when did the train leave?

  • Trude

    Merkelig .. vi stiller jo klokka en time frem og tilbake av og til, men lite sannsynlig at det har med det å gjøre:-) Prøv å finne ut av hvorfor det hadde gått, j blir jo helt nysgjerrig he he!

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