In Yulin 1

Yesterday I used my feet, a motorbike, two cars and a bus to get to Yulin to sort out last minute things before my girlfriend comes to visit.

The road I hit when leaving the Great Wall was about as far away from the main road as possible. I asked a woman what was the best way to get to Jingtai which was the biggest place in the area. She said 5 kilometres walk. I started walking and stopped a couple of other people on the road to ask the same question. One said five kilometres and another ten. After walking about ten kilometres, a guy on his motorbike offered to give me a lift to the closest village. After ten kilometres with him, I got into a very small taxi and drove to the main road between Jingtai and Dingbian. There I got another car to Jingtai, and from there the bus to Yulin.

Made a deal to contact the first taxi driver when I return after Trude’s visit. That will save a lot of hassle and time.

I have taken a lot of pictures lately. About 6,5 GB, so I plan to spend the evening deleting the ones I don’t need.

Wishing you a good weekend!

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  • Steve Byrne

    Hi Robert!
    I plan to visit Yulin next week. I’m flying up from Zhejiang province to Xi’an and will head north through Yan’an to Yulin and spend a couple of days there. How is the state of the wall there compared with the other sections you’ve seen?

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