A little celebration 3

I knew walking the Great Wall was going to be hard, but to be honest, I didn’t know how hard. Lately the hot weather has been challenging, so today I am celebrating that a full month has passed since the sun was at it’s hottest! Things are going the right way and in about another month, this desert area will slightly cool down again. The next weeks, I will try to get as much walking done as possible, but without taking any chances. I am doing this alone and don’t want to run into trouble because of the heat.

Tomorrow is going to be cool(er) and there might even be some rain. The two following days will have a temperature of about 36 to 37 degrees C (97 to 99 F). But then comes a cooler period by the looks of it.

Looking at the weather statistics for Yinchuan, it is clear that the weather is hotter than normal now. An article from three days ago describes a major drought in Ningxia. Specifically, the county of Tongxin is mentioned and this county lies only 2-3 days walk South of here. I will have to make sure I know where to get water when I start on the 5 day stretch soon…

3 thoughts on “A little celebration

  • Brother Jon

    I like the confetti on the (temporary) banner of the site 😉 I like it, I like it…..

  • Sue

    Try to drink some really hot and strong tea, like the local does on one of your pictures, it gives you more heat, but cooling you down very fast and last longer.

  • Robert

    Jon – Good to hear you like the new banner Jon – it will be used everything there is something to celebrate.

    Sue – Thanks Sue – I am drinking tea, but not hot. I’m drinking plenty of Ice Tea – does that count?? 🙂

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