No Going Back

He who is outside his door
already has a hard part of his journey behind him
Dutch Proverb

Having made the decision came the time for action.

First, I needed to “vacant myself” from life in Norway and secure enough funds for the trip. I had lived in a semi-detached house for five years, and since the housing market was starting to shake at this point, I decided to sell the house. The previous six years, I had worked for Norway’s largest commercial bank, and liked both work and colleagues, so I applied for leave without pay.

The application was rejected, and this was the final hurdle before realizing the Chinese dream. At this point, the dream meant more to me than the prospects of a safe income. So I gave notice at work, and three months later, I had no job or income, but I was closer the dream than ever before.

With the help of a friend called Morten, I started redecorating the house – BIG TIME. Almost no rooms were untouched. This took a few months longer than anticipated, and I slowly grew more and more nervous that I might not get out of the market before it was too late. But luckily, I sold the house right after it was redecorated, and the funds for the adventure were secured. Thanks Morten!

After a couple of months of organizing, selling, packing, throwing and giving away belongings, I had reduced my footprint from a three story semi-detatched house to a small lockup room.

I have always appreciated the joys of a simple life, and believe me, life gets simpler when you can fit all the belongings you need in a small car. I can’t wait for the day I stand at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty wall with just a rucksack on my back.