Painful shin

Walked hard trying to keep up my new pace. With no sun and a strong wind, it was really chilly. On the first day I felt a pain on the front of my left lower leg (the shin?). It got progressively worse during the day but was still walkable at the end of the long day.

On the second day, the shin got worse and was downright painful. The last ten kilometres I was pushing my way forward wanting to get some proper mileage out of the day.

Towards the end of the day I knew chances were that I would need a full rest day to let the injury heal. Not good news when I am on a tight schedule. I was pretty depressed at the outlook and couldn’t understand the sudden reaction when there had been nothing before. In addition I was coming down with a really bad cold (high temperature and chills). The only good luck at that point was that I could use time efficiently by recovering from two ailments at the same time!

Later I remembered bumping my shin against something a couple of days ago. I checked the injury and it was from a very specific point. There was a small sore on the skin too.