Slowly descending into a softer landscape

I just heard that the first snow has fallen in Oslo. Probably most readers are experiencing colder weather now and perhaps wondering what it is like here.

During the night it is usually below five degrees C. That is no problem with the old 3-season sleeping bag and it should manage some minus degrees without too much trouble. The sleeping bag is old only because it has been used for the whole trip. It, and it’s big brother were bought in the US this year. When the cold really sets in, I will be using a much warmer sleeping bag and two sleeping mattresses.

During the day, things are different. It is usually about 20 C in the shade. I am walking in desert terrain, and there is little shade. This means that the days are pretty hot. I use my desert hat to keep my head out of the sun. I have changed trousers to a sturdy type of the Swedish Fjällreven. They are dark and absorb a lot of heat!

The daily variation between day and night is about twenty degrees. I wouldn’t mind cooler days, but there are no pickings here and this is certainly a lot better than the summer that lies behind me, and the cold winter that lies ahead.

I have been walking downwards a lot today. The terrain was still pretty challenging, but ahead of me I could see a flatter and more forgiving terrain. There are trees in the desert now and they have spectacular colours.

When I got to a road today, I hitched a ride with a young boy to the closest town. I ordered 4 main dishes and a litre of Ice Tea. Then I got back to the same spot. The remains of the meal are currently giving my tent nice aromas and will be eaten tomorrow morning.

I have been eating too little lately. The last couple of days I’ve tried to eat till I’ve almost been sick. It is easy to notice when the body has enough energy and when it is running on a flat battery. This oatmeal business isn’t the most becoming food to eat day after day.

About 20 kilometres today
(Forgot to stop the GPS for the MC ride, but will work it out later)