Walking the Great Wall

These articles are from my actual walk along the Great Wall.

A day with strong wind

Woke up late and was amazingly feeling good again. No more high temperature. The shin felt better. I went to the largest pharmacist in town and got Ibux painkillers and a thick cream. Painkillers for the shin, and cream for my heel and two fingers. The climate is getting very […]

Quick update

Have walked 29, 40 and 0 kilometres the last three days. Yesterday I was in bed all day long with a high temperature, and getting better from a strange tendonitis in my left leg. Luckily the fever is over today, and the leg feels a little better, so I will […]

Painful shin

Walked hard trying to keep up my new pace. With no sun and a strong wind, it was really chilly. On the first day I felt a pain on the front of my left lower leg (the shin?). It got progressively worse during the day but was still walkable at […]

Rain, snow and wind 1

Sunday 24th of October I used a driver today who told me that a massive reservoir will be built here (near my end point yesterday) in 2-3 years time. His house will be submerged, as will his relatives and a few tens of thousands of other people’s homes. Asking him […]

All these rivers

Had a pretty good day today even though I got off to a slightly later start than usual. Although the weather report said nice weather for today, it was very gray, and at noon it started raining. First quite heavily, but it eased off. I ended up walking in the […]

Pushing the envelope 2

Friday 22. of October I started walking early today wanting to get as far as possible. It starts getting dark about five o’clock and it is getting to the point where every hours counts. My visa runs out in the beginning of December, and I have decided to try to […]

Back walking

Thursday 21. of October I took the high speed train back to Huludao. It is a joy to use such an efficient means of transport. The contrast was huge when I sat on a bus to get to Huludao city center afterwards. The first 20 minutes went very slowly, between […]

Long days

Sorry for not writing for a while.  I have been trying to increase my walking distances over the last few days. I get up pretty early and am walking until it starts to get dark. Then it’s time for food and sleep. Because of three blisters on my right heel […]