Walking the Great Wall

These articles are from my actual walk along the Great Wall.

Great Wall find!! 3

First – a big thanks to my two weather reporters! Bjoern Sindre and John. When I am not able to get a good weather report, I send a text message to them asking for the latest news. As you can imagine – this is pretty important so that I can […]

In Norwegian media 4

I have taken a semi relaxing day today, washing lots of clothes, answering mails and then attending a net meeting in a Norwegian newspaper. You can read the questions and answer here. (They are in Norwegian) For dere i Norge – imorgen stiller jeg opp i NRK Nitimen. Tror det […]

Warm day 3

Started walking at 8 in the morning. Walked more or less non-stop. I sat down only once, at a small shop to eat some peanuts and drink. It was warmer than usual, and no wind. There are some aches and pains in this travel stained body now, but none that […]

Another long day 3

First a big thanks to my parents Jean and Tor. They have put up with quite a lot from me already. Like when I bought an extremely warm sleeping bag in my early teens and insisted on sleeping outside on the coldest nights in wintertime. After an initial ‘are you […]

Great Wall scouting 1

On this last stretch on the eastern most part of my route, the terrain is getting more mountainous. This is good news, as it means the chances of finding intact parts of the Great Wall are greater than the flat agricultural plains I have passed. The Great Wall in this […]

Heading for home 4

Today I walked as far north in the Liaoning loop as I had planned. As I made the turn southwards, I got the sun in my face – a nice change. Heading straight for the end point of the walk, I started thinking about Norway and all the people I […]