Monthly Archives: November 2010

Grinding away the kilometres 1

Started walking early, and for once was finished before sunset. I hopped on a bus quite spontaneously without really knowing where it was going. Got to a large hotel and have had an evening eating good food, taking my first bath in a very long time and relaxing. Fantastic weather […]

Strond cold wind from North

No rain this morning, and although I thought there would be a lot less dust, I was wrong. I have chunks of dust in both eyes, and am patiently trying to dislodge it without losing my contact lenses. It was very windy from the word go, and it felt like […]

Rain in abundance 1

The forecast said rain all day long. There was no sign of it when I started walking this morning. I asked a guy if he thought there would be rain, and he said yes – but just a small drizzle he had read on the net. That was good news […]

Back on track

Got back to the route today at noon. Surprisingly warm weather, and a wind from behind. The forecast says rain all day tomorrow. I’ll wait until tomorrow to see what to do. If it is close to zero and raining heavily, I’ll wait a day for better weather. The observant […]

In Shenyang for one day 2

The going has been very good lately, as has the weather. After two weeks of walking, I decided to take a breather in Shenyang. Tomorrow morning I head back to Liaozhong which is where I left the route. Walking pretty long distances for a long time is tiring. I’m noticing […]