Nettmøte i Nordre Aker budstikke 3

Update – I forgot to mention that I have now reached Fushun which is the town that Sue comes from. Sue is a Chinese living in Denmark, and has been helping me a lot with practical matters since she heard about this walk. Thanks for all your help Sue    🙂    It’s too bad you are not in Fushun now.

After a long stint along the Great Wall route, I went in to Shenyang today.

Tomorrow – Friday at 1PM – I will be participating in an online Q&A session for a newspaper in Oslo. If you want to send in a question, and speak Norwegian, here is the place to go.

Can’t wait to catch up on some sleep, and then get the last things sorted on this site and other things before heading back for the last stretch.

31 kilometres today
About 189 kilometres in a straight line to Dandong

3 thoughts on “Nettmøte i Nordre Aker budstikke

  • Anne-Brit Mydske

    Det var et fint bilde av deg i Nordstrand blad i dag! Jeg har det fiont her hjemme etter 5 uker i Canada og USA.

  • Erling

    Spennende å lese bloggen din. Når du i disse dager nærmer deg mållinjen, ikke glem at turen dit også er en del av målet 🙂 Lykke til med innspurten!

  • Sue

    hej, you are welcome. i’m doing nothing compare to you.

    I actually didn’t know Fushun has the great wall. really hope i’m there, you can show me.

    good luck with the last days!

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