Moving into a more mountainous area 2

Have had a very good walking day today. Although I got off to a late start after 9 am, I was able to cover a long distance. This is simply done by keeping a high speed, and stop having any breaks! Not something I can recommend in the long run. Only one break where I actually sat down today.

I am asking people if they have heard of any Great Wall in the area, but no positive response I’m afraid. It would have made my day if an old guy lightened up, took me for a walk into the hills and showed me a ten metre stretch of something that resembled an old wall. Still some days to go.

The area I have moved into is stunningly beautiful. I said this to a local guy today, but he just shook his head. Perhaps he was thinking of the harsh winters they have here. The precipitation that fell yesterday covered this area with snow. Lots and lots of pine forrests here. I have seen the processing of so many products on this walk. To mention a few: several sorts of nuts, cotton, coal and other minerals, peppers, corn, rice, several fruits and now wood. Taking a deep sniff of the recently cut pine wood as I pass by reminds me of home. The hills that reminded me of Nordmarka have become mountains now.

Home… To illustrate what I am feeling about approaching the end of this walk: today I found myself shaking my head because it is going to be sad when this part of my life is over, and at the same time smiling because I am looking so much forward to meeting everybody in Norway. (well – not EVERYbody). That’s what they mean by mixed emotions.

I’m hoping for a monster long walk tomorrow as the forecast says the day after will have up to an inch of snow. That will slow me down.

40 kilometres today
About 155 kilometres to Dandong as the crow flies.

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