More snow

First a big thanks to my girlfriend Trude. She has been ever supportive of this project, and always offers encouragement and understanding when we speak, mail or text. Thanks for waiting for me all this time! She has also visited me in China twice on my trip, and apart from herself, brought vital equipment for the walk. Many many thanks! I’m looking so much forward to seeing you again in less than a month!!

As predicted by the forecast, about 3 cm (more than an inch) of wet snow fell this morning. I am still in very lightweight mode, and am still using jogging shoes. I waited until it had stopped snowing and started walking a little after noon. I got wet, but with nice thick woollen socks, it wasn’t too bad. The last three days, I have lost two walking days because of the weather.

From now on it should be good for a number of days. All systems working OK today. (That’s another way of saying that my body is still hanging together in one piece) The days seem to blend into each other, but as long as I use every daylight hour to walk, I should make it to Dandong before my Visa runs out.

I will bring boots for the final stretch to Dandong in about a week’s time. I mostly walk on hard surfaces now however, and therefore prefer lighter shoes to the heavy boots.

22 kilometres today

Note on the Great Wall route page – This page may not be updated for a couple of days. My brother is taking a well deserved break.
Note on pictures – because of the pace I have now, I have not been able to produce enough pictures for every day out walking. The ‘resting days’ / ‘walking days’ ratio is way too low. Will try to upload some more pictures at the end of next week.