Grinding away the kilometres 1

Started walking early, and for once was finished before sunset. I hopped on a bus quite spontaneously without really knowing where it was going. Got to a large hotel and have had an evening eating good food, taking my first bath in a very long time and relaxing.

Fantastic weather today. Although the smaller lakes have acquired a thin hard shell of ice, it was pleasantly warm. Much due to the lack of wind. Beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds flying by that made photographing a pleasure.

I still have flat terrain on both sides, but in the distance I can see mountains both to the east and north west.

39 kilometers today

One thought on “Grinding away the kilometres

  • Elfrid Tysvaer

    Hei Robert Stephen.

    Endelig blei det vist hvordan jeg kunne oversette fra engelsk til norsk ,skulle visst det for lenge siden.
    Så nå vil jeg følge deg mer aktivt.
    Utrolig at du holder ut under diverse værforhold.Hilsen til deg fra oss begge. Elfrid.

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