Another long day 3

First a big thanks to my parents Jean and Tor. They have put up with quite a lot from me already. Like when I bought an extremely warm sleeping bag in my early teens and insisted on sleeping outside on the coldest nights in wintertime.

After an initial ‘are you nuts?’ reaction, my parents have been very supportive, and have contributed greatly to this project. It feels like their house has become the headquarters of the Norway branch of the Great Wall. It would have been a nightmare to have done this without you!

So – thank you for all the new equipment to replace the old, the countless pairs of jogging shoes, Fantomet, shoe soles, size 47 socks, lithium batteries, gps, camera’s… The list is long. Thanks also for keeping the taxman off my back, and aiding with banking, financial and practical matters back home in Norway.

This evening, I was intervued by Nitimen Radio. The interview will air in Norway Saturday coming up. Tune in! I was kindly invited to visit their studio again after Christmas which I am looking forward to. They are a very funny bunch 🙂

I’m at a guesthouse now, and the electricity has just died. Was hoping to charge the phone as it is near the end of it’s life too.

Started walking at 8 today, and had a good day’s walk. The snow is still all over, and they don’t plough the roads. That means wet walking for me, and often dirt and water from the road is flung all over me as trucks drive past. Not very Great Wall romantic. Bought a face mask yesterday which helps a bit. They are popular here. Only problem is it is too small, so my ears stick out and get cold even while wearing a woollen hat.

Now that I’m in mountainous terrain, I have to walk further to find food. Ended up eating instant noodles and salty peanuts at a small shop. The daughter of the owner was a real charmer – five years old and full of beans 🙂 Sometimes, I find it easier to have fun with kids, than the grown ups. Perhaps I need to grow up a little myself?

For some reason I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Now that the end of this adventure is getting ever closer, a lot of thoughts are surfacing. Even some feelings!! Scary creatures… I think it will take a week or two to fully understand that the walk is over. Also to sit back and understand what I have achieved. Not just the physical task of walking, but fulfilling a dream I have had my entire (semi) grown up life.

Time to sleep.

40 kilometres today
About 233 kilometres to Dandong as the crow flies. (That’s in a straight line.)

3 thoughts on “Another long day

  • Susan

    I live in the United States and discovered your website last October when helping my 12 year old son do research on China for a report for a class at school. I have been hooked ever since. I have enjoyed your diary entries and have been fascinated with your pictures. I live on a farm in the state of Missouri and it is interesting to me to see the agricultural ways of another culture. After spending a little over a year following your journey, I am going to miss it when you are finished. I am glad you have such a supportive family and have accomplished your dream. Lots of people dream big, but never get to make their dreams happen like you have.

    Wonderful, wonderful experience for you and me both.

    Susan Spry
    from the USA

  • Trude S

    Det er løsningsorientert holdning med ansiktsmaske i kulden! Hvem bryr seg vel om at ørene stikker ut?!:-) Jeg gleder meg til du kommer hjem!

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