The forecast said rain today.

I have had three blisters on my right heel the last few days. Started walking down the high mountain a week ago with one under my heel. I used some second skin plasters on the blister. Two days later, the crease from this plaster gave me a blister on the edge of the back of the heel. (Between the horizontal and vertical part) Used another plaster for this. Now I have a blister on the back of my heel.

My left heel has no blisters, while the right one has had three in a week. After doing some thinking while walking today, I think the whole problem may stem in the fracture of the left toe joint. Because of the fracture and slight pain from it, I am still favouring my right leg more, and sparing the last part of the left leg’s thrust in every step. Therefore the impact of the right heel become harder than usual. This is only a theory, and I hope it is proven wrong.

Anyway – after waking up from a freezing cold uncomfortable sleep just by the river I decided to take a short walk, and then head back to Qinhuangdao. With rain heading in, and a heel that is ‘beyond repair’ it seemed the sensible thing to do.

5 kilometres today