Monthly Archives: October 2010

Long days

Sorry for not writing for a while.  I have been trying to increase my walking distances over the last few days. I get up pretty early and am walking until it starts to get dark. Then it’s time for food and sleep. Because of three blisters on my right heel […]


The forecast said rain today. I have had three blisters on my right heel the last few days. Started walking down the high mountain a week ago with one under my heel. I used some second skin plasters on the blister. Two days later, the crease from this plaster gave […]

Night by a river

Cold and pretty miserable day today. Clouds + wind = freezing cold. I took only one picture today which says a lot. Walking 40 kilometres takes about 8 hours, but then there are always some small breaks here and there that add up. I also took a break to eat […]

Getting over a river

Honestly – I don’t remember that much from this day. I took only 7 pictures and was mostly focused on getting an early start, and doing some good walking. It was pretty cold, and the wind was fairly strong. Toward the end of the day, I got to a river […]

Fantomet og Knott 4

They probably both need an explanation. The Phantom (Fantomet in Norwegian) is a cartoon that I have been reading for more than thirty years. The Phantom is a strong masked hero that is tough against the tough. He has dedicated his life to fight against unjust, and has a particular […]

Autumn 1

Got up early today and started walking at 7.30. This time I hit the right track and soon I was climbing higher and higher. Nice fresh air and a blue sky due to high winds and rain from the north yesterday. When I was here the last time, there were […]