Body back to normal hopefully

First a big round of applause to my brother Jon! He has been helping me on this walk from the very start. In fact we walked the first weeks together in the desert during the early summer last year. Since then Jon has made sure that the GPS point I send out in the evenings magically appears on the Great Wall Route on this website. He also keeps a watchful eye on the ‘Pictures from China’ site making sure that there are enough pictures, and that a new picture appears magically each day.

Jon has lived many years abroad – amongst others three and a half years in China, so he knows how nice it is to have a little chatter with a familiar voice from time to time. Even if only for a couple of minutes.

Many thanks for your support in this project Jon! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Today was a nice walking day. I tried to keep my walking speed lower than usual, and kept an eye on my left shin. Looks like the problem is over. All systems functioning again. Thank God for that.

Nice warm weather, clear blue sky and almost no wind. I came across some Great Wall like structure today (heart beating very hard as I discovered and approached it) but it turned out to be ‘just’ a small town wall.

As I am on a pretty tight time-budget, I decided to save some time walking an hour to and back from a point we expect the Great Wall to have been several hundred years ago, and instead use that time on a section tomorrow that has been identified as very probably Great Wall. This seems to be the last known section of Great Wall until I hit Dandong, so I want to record it properly.

After that I will continue asking people I meet if they know of any old walls in the area. They will most likely shake their heads and tell me I am in the wrong Province, but I don’t mind looking like a fool – there are probably still many Great Wall sections to be found here in Liaoning.

A little footnote. It is a great pleasure to observe the farmers bringing in their last crops to safety before the winter hits for real. Looks like most of the work is done, and that it has been a good season. A lot of cheerful faces to be seen which makes me cheerful too.

37 kilometers today