Thorn in my side (well – it was in the thigh) 1

Got back to the Great Wall area at about noon, and after a hot meal started walking. It was very steep and there was dense foliage where I first tried to get on The Wall. I started fighting my way through the foliage and thorns. Suddenly a thorn went deeply into the front of my thigh. I tried to dislodge it carefully but part of it broke off, and stayed put in my thigh. It hurt quite a bit, which it also did when I tried to get it out with my fingers, without luck. The thorn was on a branch that had been cut off and was lying on the ground. That’s probably why it got past the guard given by my arms and two walking sticks.

I walked around a small top to try to join up with The Wall at the back. As I did this, I saw that only a hundred metres further on it went down a steep valley, and on the other side was a cliff I couldn’t climb. The alternative was more thorn-walking which I had had enough of. Headed for the valley to the South and bought some needles and a lighter.

I am at a basic guest house now, and have dug into my thigh with a couple of needles. It’s surprising how strong and elastic skin can be… After quite a lot of digging, I think the whole thorn is out, but will check again in a couple of days.

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